I thought I would post this here rather than on poetry to get a bigger audience.

Tonight is Burns night, so what is your favourite Burn's poem/lines?

Here's mine:

Here Stuarts once in glory reigned,
And laws for Scotland's weal ordained;
But now unroof'd their palace stands,
Their sceptre's sway'd by other hands;
Fallen indeed, and to the earth
Whence groveling reptiles take their birth.
The injured Stuart line is gone,
A race outlandish fills their throne;
An idiot race, to honour lost;
Who know them best despise them most.

The poem is attributed to Burns [but not confirmed.] This is my favourite because it is so scandalous. It was carved into a glass pane at The Golden Lion Inn, in Stirling and denounced by the Government as treason.

So, what is your favourite?