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Some non-theists do not drink, smoke, take drugs or have sex outside of marriage. Others -- like many religious folk -- do. But notably, crime rates among atheists are lower than among many popular religious faiths, and atheist divorce rates are lower than divorce rates in popular religions.
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I'm agnostic, yet I have never had a drink or a smoke, never committed a crime, and the closest I have come to a drug is Hershey's with Almonds or Pepsi. I've been married for sixteen years and have never cheated on my wife. [...] I did not arrive at my morality from religion.
I think I derived some of mine from the good examples set by family and teachers. Some by mentors at work, including theistic and non-theistic people. Some came from thinking about stories, both religious and secular -- and not just Christian stories but stories from many other cultures.

Much of my morality isn't based on any religious influence though. It's based on trying to understand people, my impact on them, theirs on me, and on each other. It's also based on trying to improve my own life -- along the way I sometimes find ways to help improve others'.

If you are non-theistic, where does your morality come from? Has it produced anything interesting or unusual by societal standards?

If you're theistic, does your morality ever come from non-theistic sources? Why? Do people of your faith welcome that, or does it challenge them?