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Thread: Critique Circle #2 [Europe Chapter] - 2010 posts archive

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    Critique Circle #2 [Europe Chapter] - 2010 posts archive

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    Hey, everyone. An idea has come to my attention (thanks to Birol) and would like to get feedback.

    Many of you have already seen the parent topic of this one (Critique Circle - by Birol) and many of you complained about the timing, like myself. So, I've started this thread in hopes of giving a new home for those of us who'd like to join a critique circle.

    The idea goes like this:
    1)We will pick up a time that best suits the majority of us.
    Of course, some of us will still find the timing uncomfortable, so those could start a third circle.

    2)We will also be connected with the first circle. That means, same day as them but different timing (obviously).

    3)Everyone's welcome. That means members from the first circle could still participate, if they should choose to. This way, they could maximize the feedback for their work.

    Please tell me if this interests you.
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