I'm fairly sure every poet does this. Though, if every poet considers it a problem or not, that is my issue.

I've just recently opend my junior high/highschool notebooks, shaking the dust off them and began to laugh at the slow progression of my ill-expressed tallent.
I noticed that there were many words i used that appread in most the poems. And from notebook to notebook the words died as other words seemed to take the dominant reoccurring nature.
So I then went to my current notebooks, and began to read, and noticed that the theme of reoccurring words is still in there.

The question is, Does a reoccurring word hurt the author? For example, if i write four words that use the rhyme "silence" with "violence" does that destroy the appeal of the writing? It's extremely hard to judge your poetry on issues like this, because you can recall the exact moment and cause of writing and almost discredit the words next to the meaning.