Okay. So recently I had begun redoing my whole manuscript into something else and I had a friend tell me that my style was like that of Terry Goodkind. (Forget about all that you have read because it's a dead thing now). I knew Terry Goodkind from the Legend of the Seeker TV series and had been thinking about picking up his books. I've got a few now and been reading them and I see the likeness I have with him. I figured, if I've been compared to an author, I may as well get to know him. Then I learned of Mr. Goodkind's education. He was a college dropout, suffering from dyslexia. That REALLY surprised me to be honest. So then I got a question in my head that won't leave.

Do you even need a $100,000 sheet of paper (a degree) to push through your works? True, Mr. Goodkind waited quite a few years before writing Wizard's First Rule.

So what are your thoughts on education and publication?