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Thread: Useful Resources for writing and reading about QLTBAG Characters

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    Talking Useful Resources for writing and reading about QLTBAG Characters

    These are some of my favorite links. Most of them are related to speculative fiction (science fiction & fantasy)

    On Writing:
    Limyaael: Having 'different' sexual practices in one's world
    Limyaael's Rant on gay and lesbian characters in fantasy http://limyaael.livejournal.<wbr>com/214314.html

    Tropes and Themes:
    Queer As Tropes: Gay tropes on TV Tropes wiki<wbr>pmwiki.php/Main/QueerAsTropes
    Bisexuality tropes on TV Tropes wiki<wbr>pmwiki.php/Main/<wbr>BisexualityTropes
    Tropes on crossing or bending the gender line on TV Tropes wiki<wbr>pmwiki.php/Main/<wbr>TransGenderTropes
    LGBT Themes In Speculative Fiction on wikipedia: ridiculously detailed article<wbr>fiction

    Gaylactic Spectrum Awards: LGBT focused SF/F/H lit award
    Tiptree Awards: lit award for SF/F focused on exploring/expanding ideas of gender
    Lambda Literary Awards: lit award for LGBT focused works

    And other stuff:
    A Different Light Bookstore: LGBT focused bookstore in San Francisco, CA and online
    Outer Alliance Pride Day: lots of viewpoints from LGBTQ folks and Allies about including LGBTQ characters in fiction<wbr>?p=74

    Feel free to add your own, of course

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