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How much does having a book published help you get into top colleges? Could it take you anywhere?
Actually, that's the sort of thing that could potentially put you into the college of your choice. Having worked in admissions in a large state university I can tell you that there are any number of prospective students with high GPAs, good test scores and statements that *yawn* follow all the rules of essaying. But when we came across a prospective who had a particular experience - was a parent, spent more than a year in a foreign country for their own reasons not just because they had to go with mom and dad, had started their own company, was a professional level athlete, etc. - we were less likely to worry about GPAs and test scores. You might be surprised at how many "typical well-rounded" students there are, but how few really, truly show an inclination to be great, to take a risk. A student with a book published (by a reputable publisher, mind) would catch our eye.