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Welcome to the AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler! Please read The Newbie Guide To Absolute Write

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Thread: Welcome, Lurkers!

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    Welcome, Lurkers!

    Revised July 2015

    I imagine many newcomers arrive a little leery of going public. To any and all, I’m glad you took the advice to join us even if you’re only reading at this point.

    AbsoluteWrite’s an especially good place for erotica writers, because there aren’t many writing sites which take erotica seriously. AW treats it like any other genre, rather than some second-class endeavor to be sneered at, or banned over.

    Those who prefer--which is a lot of new people--can read boards (lurk) without posting. Both members and non-members can read all message boards which have no password protection, so any content you post here at the Erotica Board (a category listed under Writing Genre) must be okay for all ages. Remember, AW welcomes writers 13 and older, and younger people can lurk without joining.

    It is never okay to post your writing for critique on this board. Every genre has its own Share Your Work (SYW) board where members with fifty posts can put up their own work for feedback. (Careful, we can tell when you're racing to hit fifty rather than interacting as a member, and that won't work.) The SYW - Erotica board and the password-protected part of the erotica board require a special password which you can get by contacting MacAllister or AW Admin. You must state that you are 21 years old or older.

    It's a good idea to get that password early and to offer your critique to others before asking for any. You'll learn a lot analyzing someone else's erotica writing and be able to apply it to your own.

    That password also allows you entry to the password-protected portion of the Erotica board. There we discuss aspects of writing erotica without concern over being too graphic. We also socialize.

    I recommend you read not only the Writing Erotica board but also the general boards about writing fiction of any kind. Just because it's about sex doesn't mean we can get sloppy, right? You’ll pick up all kinds of tips, meet great people, and quickly learn who knows their shit and who’s a beginner. The Novels board (especially Learn Writing with Uncle Jim) and the Grammar and Syntax board are the equivalent of lots of college with a Creative Writing major. Seriously.

    Among the regulars at the Erotica board are authors who have sold books, ebooks, and/or short stories, and plenty more who will sooner rather than later, along with still more who are only beginning to explore the genre. At every level, people are able and willing to share what they’ve learned on the way, both about writing in the genre and about marketing.

    While some of us at the Erotica board are pretty open about who we are and what we like when it comes to sex, others are not. It’s not like other genres--nobody assumes the mystery author really wants to kill anybody, or in fact already has. Posting writing intended to turn people on reveals something that’s deeply personal, and we’ll all understand if you choose not to do it, now or ever.

    I do hope you and any others who only lurk will feel free to step from the shadows and introduce yourselves, telling us only what you’re comfortable with. I’ll go first: I’m Maryn, the oldest one here (I think) but not the most experienced (I know!), long married, two adult "kids," and I live between the Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes. I started writing sexy fanfic when the market for mystery short stories got tiny, and found I really liked it. I removed “my guy” and started writing stories nobody could sue me over.

    Maryn, quite long-winded as usual
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    Why does everyone want introverts to leave their comfort zone and be talkative, but no one expects the extroverts to be quiet to make that zone comfortable for introverts?

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