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My fear is that we'll start seeing vanity-pubbed folks claiming they've been published by Harlequin.
You will. Because...they have been.

This seriously impacts what it means when someone says, "I'm a Harlequin author" or "I've been pubbed by Harlequin."

That used to mean something. It will now have to be responded to with, "Yeah? Which line?"

I want to know if HQ will invite them to the party held during RWA National every year. <G> Wow, that will sure boost attendance (and costs!) at the party. Bad enough the crashers who come every year. LOL. Now...it's a whole new ballgame.

Makes me wonder, if they can find people who will pay to play, how much longer they'll pay other authors, like me, to do the same. I mean, if $$ is the bottom line, then...

Scary times. Cause...finding a "real" job ain't so easy right now, either.

(And I have to think that it also makes it more likely there are people out there who will think this is their shot at the brass ring. Hey, if I can publish my book, especially with Harlequin, I can make a TON of money. <sigh>)

Susan G.