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I doubt that will happen. From what DSP authors are saying in different groups, there is no money.
There's no money. At least, I've seen no indication that there is. They've openly said they're using Q4 sales to pay Q3, Q2, and apparently even a few lingering Q1 royalties, which just means they're getting farther behind.

Allegedly there's a loan coming, but it's been coming for months. At their DSP workshop in September, the owner assured attendees that everyone had "misunderstood" her about the loan: that the SBA backing was what was secured, but securing a lender was the next step. Which... if that's the case, then clarify it? Tell us that? Also, a number of people who work in the finance world have said that if it's taking this long to secure a loan -- SBA, lender, or otherwise -- then something is wrong. Loans of that type simply don't take this long.

AND... even if the loan DOES come through... it still has to be paid back.

I genuinely don't see a way they can dig themselves out of this hole.