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OK, I'll bite.

1) What kind of book is she representing for you?
2) Has she sold it yet?
3) If so, to which publisher?
4) If so, what's the name of the book?
5) Who are some of her other clients?
6) Has she sold any of their work yet?
7) What are the names of those books?

I have more questions, but these will do for starts.

Hi Richard,

It is nice to meet you. My novel is a romance thriller about a man named Eric Carlson who earns his living as a poacher of white wolves. He meets Diana Pearls when her geological research plane crashes and he rescues her. They fall in love until Diana discovers he's a poacher. Eric decides to give up poaching to get Diana back and they soon both become embroiled in a deadly fight with Eric's fellow poachers who don't appreciate him turning his back on them. I've titled my novel The Pack of White Wolves. She sent it out to the publishers (Random House, Simon and Schuster, W.W. Norton, Henry Holt, Tor Books, Little Brown and Company, St. Martin's Press, Weinstein Books, and HarperCollins, and Hyperion) but has not heard any responses yet as she only sent them out a few weeks ago. I know only one of her recent sales that she is waiting on a contract for. Carl Johnson who wrote a sci fi thriller about ailens taking over the planet and killing all humans. It's called Alien Invasion. Drew sold it to HarperCollins.

I hope this helps.
Julia Levin