Does anyone here read the monthly Zuda competition that DC Comics runs? Itís a webcomic competition, with 10 finalists each month, and the people who visit the site vote for which comic will take 1st place and get an ongoing contract from DC.

A few months ago I teamed up with a then-agent-mate (Michael Jasper) and we put together an entryÖ last week we found out we were chosen to take part in this monthís competition!

If you want to help out, just do the following:
(If youíre confused by the instructions, I put a how-to graphic on my site )

1. Register on
2. Verify the account via your email.
3. Sign into and select "IN MAPS & LEGENDS"
4. Read the comic!
5. To the right of the comic, please press the VOTE button, rate the comic five stars and 'add as favorite.' The vote is by far the most important of these three things. (You can also add a nice comment if you want~)
6. Have your friends do the same before the end of November.

And thatís it! I canít say thank you enough if you choose to help us out.

Even if you donít vote for us, be sure to check out the contest. Zuda puts up some really interesting stories each month, and itís a great chance to see whatís popular with readers and why. And spread the word! Itís a unique way of getting your work considered by DC.