So, my husband has a friend that friended me.

Aforesaid friend sent me an invite to a big evangelical collective Bible thump bash.

Okay, I'll say this, I consider myself a Christian, but I don't fit in with most Christians I've met around my general location. To be frank, I get along a lot better with atheists, Buddhists, UUs, and a whole lot of other people who most Christians around here seem to have labeled as chaff.

This is largely because the church I was involved with and others I've been involved with over the years have been filled brim-full with a bunch of arrogant, self-righteous, judgemental cretins. And I think, at that, I'm probably being kind in my assessment because the actions I've personally experienced have been anything BUT Christ-like from the very same people who claim to follow.

I'm not a literalist when it comes to the Bible. I've spent a lot of time reading philosophical, epistemological, and apologetic books and essays because I value understanding.

I have NO problem with evolution and think ID and creationism are anti-intellectual train-wrecks along the lines of the folks who couldn't handle the concept of Christianity AND heliocentric planetary models at the same time. It's a doomed train of thought fit for the dark ages.

I'm sick of people who hate gays and want to go throw rocks at women entering abortion clinics like they have a God-appointed right to do it. It makes me so angry my blood boils.

These same people who preach Christian love are embracing bigoted HATE and uncritical support for the American military industrial complex.

I'm so frustrated right now. Mainly, because I tried to have a dialogue with this person and he accused me of being ignorant of Judeo-Christian belief and scripture, hypocritical, dogmatic, etc...etc...etc...

And all I was trying to convey was the desire that SOMEDAY these evangelical events will try to open a respectful dialogue with people of no faith as well as other faiths. RESPECT, TOLERANCE.

He said by being tolerant I was accepting of any sewage that drifted my way.

Anyway, my husband is angry with me for saying anything to this person--in spite of the fact that this guy kicked off the discussion by an invite to this program. I feel morally obligated to respond respectfully and honestly.

I would voice similar opinions if someone invited me to a rabidly atheistic or other gathering that was counter to my conscience. Maybe I'm just stupid, but if I don't speak up, I feel like I'm part of the problem rather than the solution. And without fail, I typically get burned...ironically not by the atheists! They agree to disagree and we move on amicably, but the theists (Mormon, Catholic, protestant, born-again/pentacostal, etc) become insulting and vicious very, very quickly.

It makes me sad, because I really just want to get along. I just want to see people respect each other, tolerate each other, coexist, and talk to each other like insults, no threats of hellfire/brimstone.

My husband getting upset for me being myself just makes me feel that much worse.


I keep thinking I'm having this problem because I'm in a deep-red state. Is it any better anywhere else??? I feel so alone.