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Thread: Suggestion for new (and not-so-new) authors

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    Suggestion for new (and not-so-new) authors

    I've spent some time the past few days reading through the INDEX TO AGENTS, PUBLISHERS, AND OTHERS and found some real gems.

    I would highly recommend people read through a few of these old threads and concentrate on the publishers (listed in gray) who are no longer with us.

    I'm seeing a number of consistent points raised in these slow-moving train wrecks. I see a number of people who point out these issues and how other people want to believe and ignore the warnings, only to see what happened to their work months or years later.

    Loss of first publishing rights, non-payment of royalties and for some even loss of copyright are some of the painful lessons learned in these threads.

    I think new writers could apply these points to other "new publishers" and some "not-so-new publishers". If you see the same signs in a publisher, then I would highly suggest that this is a publisher you might not want to be associated with your work.

    I have nothing against new publishers. I think new blood can only be a healthy thing in any business.

    I do have something against unprepared or unscrupulous people setting themselves up as a publisher because they almost always hurt the authors more than they do themselves.

    Study the history that Cao Paux has organized for you.

    Know as much about publishing as you can. Writing is both an art and a business. Protect yourself.
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