I just wanted to make a general announcement about my blog, The Flaming Chassid. I'm only posting it here because it has to do with Judaism. Basically, it's a Divrei Torah blog that I'm going to do for every parsha. I started two weeks ago with Bereishis, just posted Noach, and Lech Lecha is next. In between, I'll be posting other things of interest or just general posts.

I welcome non-Jews to look too, since it might give a better understanding of what the Torah is actually saying. I try to give insights that other people--or at least everyone else--is not talking about. For example, in Noach, everyone talks about whether Noach was as righteous as Avraham, or why the animals are referred to as husband and wife, or the tower. I discuss why Noach had to send two birds out to test if the waters had receded, and why those two birds were the raven and the dove.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Enjoy!