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Thread: The MacAllister is a tyrant and Hapisofi was mean to me thread

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    For those of you up late and still playing along at home:

    What HapiSofi actually said to Mathew - since he's consistently misrepresented her actual words, over and over and over again:
    All the way through this thread, I've been automatically tracking indications of your actual publishing experience. It's not just a matter of the stuff you get wrong. It's how you get it wrong, what stuff you don't know exists, and how you fill in the gaps. I wasn't kidding when I said that learning how publishing works is an immersive experience. It marks your language. Andy Zack knew my job title after one exchange of impersonal comments on an unrelated subject. If I'd never run into Old Hack before reading this thread, I'd still have known that s/he/it has an extensive industry background.

    As for you? I went from notes like

    * doesn't know a query letter from a cover letter
    * hasn't seen much slush
    * has a shaky notion of what book editors do, and a shakier notion of what agents do


    * hasn't worked in the editorial department of a general-interest trade book publisher
    * hasn't worked in sales and distribution
    * has no in-depth acquisition experience in adult trade nonfiction
    * in adult trade publishing, period
    * hasn't done marketing or promotion for a mainstream publisher
    * is emphatically not a professional proofreader or copy editor.

    For a while there I was reduced to thinking you had worked in the Contracts & Licensing department at a fairly large house, which would explain having enough contact with agents to be irritated by them, but no notion of what they're actually good for. This theory took a dive when you referred to having overseen a book from start to finish, and having been the "project editor" on a book. Definitely not the Contracts Dept.
    (snipped for brevity, link provided for context.)

    I'll point out that, while Mat keeps telling us he worked for Pearson, he says he hated it, and that he learned nothing during his tenure there -- and he still hasn't told us in what capacity or for how long. A full-time employee, acquiring adult books? Copy-editing? In any of the editorial departments for adult trade publishing, either fiction or nonfiction? We still don't know.

    Matt wiggles a bit, here:
    It's not easy to prove that I did work at a trade publisher. The books I worked on were quite expensive and so they didn't give editors a copy. It was in 2007 and so the proof is in libraries around Australia. I'd have to find an imprint and scan it to show it has my name on there as project editor. There is no Google footprint for those books. I worked on a few series actually, a lot of non-fiction, some educational and some children's level stuff.
    Then, finally, some time later:
    Quote Originally Posted by mathewferguson View Post
    Pearson Publishing.

    Pearson Junior Atlas.
    Handwriting series - can't really remember what it is called. Six book series.
    Psychology textbooks for WA university market.

    There were other titles. It was a while ago.
    And after yet more very specific questions, he posts:
    Project editor was the official title. If you ever go to seek.com.au you can see the position is there almost continuously... make of that what you will.(snip)
    But, weirdly, he dodges the question of whether he'd acquired books for Pearson. Or if he was "project editor" on one, some, or all of the projects he so vaguely waves at.

    And indeed, Mathew himself says his Pearson experience is irrelevant:
    I didn't think it was important that I worked at Pearson because I acquired no new skills there. I didn't do one thing there that I already didn't know how to do.
    I'd actually submit, then, that what he says bears out exactly what HapiSofi speculated about his editorial experience, when she was making her list.
    Last edited by MacAllister; 10-22-2009 at 09:06 AM.

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