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When you'd concealed it -- not listed it -- on your About page? You expect her to be a mindreader? Here's what you just said here:

How could she make such a factual error? How could she not?

And tell me, did you learn anything while you were there? Was this the job that you took just out of uni in order to get your hand stamped?


I presume you also meant Pearson here:

That's the point where HapiSofi commented:

Now here you are, telling us that this is the job that qualifies you to be an agent, that you did too work for a trade publisher, and that those who have read what you've written and judged you harshly thereby are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Consider, please, that you didn't actually learn anything while you were there, just as you claim, and that this ... lack ... is apparent to the folks who genuinely have experience; that you might as well not have been there at all, and, thus, don't have a clue about trade publishing.

That is certainly a valid reading of the thread.

(Do not, for a moment, think that 500 posts is too great a bar for anyone to read the entire thing. It's barely over twenty pages. Reading for comprehension is not a rare skill.)

But this is all beside the point. It would make no difference if you spent the first year out of uni working on a sugar plantation--if you were currently selling books to publishers.
My first job was with the Australian Council for Educational Research - known as A.C.E.R. Press. It wasn't Pearson.

HapiSofi said I had not worked at a trade publisher. She didn't ask me. She didn't read where I mentioned Pearson in the thread (although I admit it was small and in passing).

She didn't try to verify anything at all. She blurted out that I hadn't worked for a trade publisher.

She did this because she assumed. She assumed that every single person I've worked for is listed on my About page.

She was wrong. And what is really frustrating is that no one bothers to point it out to her. It's just me saying where is the proof?

How can she know the things she claims to know?

The answer: she can tell.

Mindreading or psychic powers isn't evidence. She made a dumb statement because she got caught up in crucifixion rather than asking a question first.

If I want to leave a job off my About page because I hated it then that's my lookout. I'm not trying to hide it. I don't list ghost-writing there either because I hated it.