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Since the latest update here is more than four years old, and because I'm stuck in my own time loop waiting on a response from these nice folks, anyone have any more recent experiences to share? Do they still give semi-frequent personalized rejections? I assume that now I've made this post, the email gods will hear my plea and reward me an email slightly sooner than otherwise. That seems to be how this works, right?
They've never been big on giving personal rejections in the time I've been around, so there is no "still". Form rejections are what most people will get and what most people got in the past as well.

I sold a story there in 2014 and non-fiction in 2015. The fiction sale went well and I have no complaints. For non-fiction, I had to complain to get a list of the edits (they were made in the file and the edited file sent, but nothing marked what had been changed) and there was a push to make me sound like a middle class white American (nobody put it that way, but that's what the wording changes did). It was resolved after I complained, but the experience wasn't good and put me off trying to sell non-fiction. I believe most of the staff have changed since then, but it is worth keeping in mind that even generally good markets can have issues.

There were no payment issues either time.