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That's because Final Draft will only let you activate (or reactivate) even a legit copy of their software online. And if they no longer support a version of the software -- guess what? That means that they no longer provide the means to activate it on line.
FD6 doesn't need activation, so that's not an issue. It also runs in Linux, whereas I'm guessing that the compulsory activation in FD7 and above will prevent it from doing so.

If I'd known that FD7 required activation I'd never have bought the upgrade, and I wrote to Final Draft to tell them that I wasn't buying FD8 because of the number of times my copy of FD7 had decided to 'deactivate' itself requiring either a game of phone tag with their office or a day's wait for their email support to fix it.

The actual software is pretty good, but as you say, they've become extremely customer-unfriendly in recent years. These days I point people towards Celtx instead if they're looking for scriptwriting software because I don't want the complaints when they buy Final Draft and find it keeps deactivating itself.