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Well, we didn't really have a chance to verify this before now, since you don't choose to mention your history as a project editor at Pearson Publishing on your About page.

Do you think experience in editorial management is less relevant than having freelanced for a now defunct press?

I find that very odd.


I see you did tell us earlier in the thread. I should have caught that.

I still think it's odd that you don't mention it on your About page though.
I didn't think it was important that I worked at Pearson because I acquired no new skills there. I didn't do one thing there that I already didn't know how to do.

As I mentioned also, I didn't enjoy the job which leads very directly to me leaving it off my About page.

I mention a few places I've worked on my About page and I think it is sufficient for people to decide if they should send work to me. Only one person has even emailed to ask an extra question.

I don't think what is happening now is the verification process just to confirm my background. It didn't happen before because the point of this thread is not to verify anything about me. It's to flame on because I hold position like "agents don't work horrendous hours" and "it is possible to call up editors you don't know and sell to them", amongst other things.

If this thread were really about verification then the questions would have been at the start.