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Mathew, i find it interesting that the thing you decided to 'challenge' HapiSofi on is the one thing that, as Mac says, can't be proven in this format/forum through laying down of factual evidence.

You mention above (and i've bolded it in my quote for easy reference) that you have worked for a mainstream trade publisher. Tell me, why didn't you 'challenge' that point? Far easier to prove, and far more relevant to your credentials (much more so than having worked for Funtastic) at this point than fighting over whether you've read slush or not. Of course, the fact that you've been so keen to fight about how much slush you've read is interesting all in itself.

Why don't you have record of previous trade publishers you've worked for on your About page? You say you have a footprint in publishing. Surely having worked for trade publishers is relevant to that footprint?
It's not easy to prove that I did work at a trade publisher. The books I worked on were quite expensive and so they didn't give editors a copy. It was in 2007 and so the proof is in libraries around Australia. I'd have to find an imprint and scan it to show it has my name on there as project editor. There is no Google footprint for those books. I worked on a few series actually, a lot of non-fiction, some educational and some children's level stuff.

The reason I challenged on that point was because it is the smallest point there. I had talked just a few posts earlier about reading the slush pile. It was quite clearly written there that I had read the slush pile many times. Then HapiSofi came out and said it wasn't so. And now the Editor In Chief is saying that I'm a liar. How do they know? They can tell. They don't need evidence! They don't need proof! They can simply tell.

The point here that is BIG and OBVIOUS is that they are setting some standard of proof that cannot exist. I directly asked MacAllister what proof she would need to see. The answer: none.

So that's it really. She calls me a liar openly, harming me and my business and she doesn't care at all that there is actual evidence that would show she is wrong.

Also ... they've made really big mistakes. They've made the stupid assumption that everything that is written here and on my website is the totality of everything I've done.

I don't put the big trade publisher I worked at on my About page because the job was so terrible. You know that kind of terrible that later on you don't want to think about how stupid you were to stay as long as you did?