I'm currently a struggling third year Journalism student. Because of certain problems my college have, I'm forced to wait for my journalism subjects next year, and instead I'm taking other communication subjects (which I'm supposed to take up next year).

Now that's out.

I try to force myself to write every chance I get. I force myself because if I don't, I'd end up doing nothing productive. I'm not a very good with grammar, English isn't my first language - but! - I find my first language is harder to write in. I'm not good at conversations as well, and when I try to get creative with an inspiring idea - I just as quickly slump down losing all strength when it comes down on putting these ideas into paper. Lately I realized that I'm more into reading books than writing books.

This isn't just about writing novels - my future career is at stake. I'm a soon-to-be-journalist, If I'm going to work in some magazine, newspaper, or even just sit back and do research, I'm going to need to break a bone or two just to get myself into shape. So, now, I'm requesting for a mentor, hopefully more with different writing styles so I could learn more. I'm willing to absorb everything thrown into me. I don't care if the mentor is a harsh critter that would give me the F word for failing to meet their expectations. I just need people whom I can show my writing every now and then, to tell me what I'm missing, what I'm doing wrong, or give me some exercises with a set standard. I'm not embarassed to what I write, I'm just embarassed how I write it. I've always wanted to write in either DiscoveryChannel and Nat Geo magazines (dunno why I said that, sharing?lol). So, anyone up to it? Don't worry, I already have a thick skin.

And, sorry if I sounded like an emo kid back there. Just had to let that out.>_>;