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Totally different animals though more closely related when you're telling fireside ghost stories perhaps. I think the difference is that when you're telling a story you're telling it. When you're writing and they're reading you're inside their head taking them on a ride. A person has to be willing to buy a ticket for your particular ride. Most people tell you what they did and what happened. They rarely make you feel like you were there with them so by the time you get to them their already hopelessly jaded.
I also think that when face to face with eachother people are pretty busy in their own heads thinking of what they want to say next and just waiting for their opening. But hey, look at me just yapping away. Were you saying something?
Pretty articulate yapping, I'd say. You nailed it, exactly. You have to build a story that the reader can live in--at least for a while. If you do it well, the reader finds himself reluctant to leave that place, even when it's 2:00 AM and he has to get up early. . .