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Thread: The Book of Job -- More Insight Wanted

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    The Book of Job -- More Insight Wanted

    Thanks (for the input on Job). See recent entries on Ramblings on Isa. 65 & 66. Job's age (living another 140 years "after this" [KJV]) is the reason given by some that he may have lived earlier than Moses when men lived longer. Of course Moses lived 120 years and was still going strong when he died.

    One of his friends mentions a significant flood which seems to place him after Noah's time.

    I need a little help to understand how he could have been in Moses's time. Weren't all of Isaac's descendants in Egypt?

    I moved this to a new post in hopes that I can get some help understanding this book better.

    My other question (for now) is the references to the constellations Orion / Pleiades). Are these references in the Hebrew or were they more likely inserted by the KJV translators.

    Again, I will be very appreciative of any help that you can offer me.
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