Jer, I sense that you are feeling frustrated about your writing carreer. I don't know, just this "vibe" that I'm getting.

We care about you. We are willing to listen.
It's okay.
You are safe here.

Okay, now really.
I do like the title and it seems to fit in nicely with the biker dudes.
Would I love to see all the big wigs sweating it out trying to get sold and crashing up against the stone walls we writers face? Yeah, that would make me smile a bit. [I understand why the walls are there, but that is another topic]

I would say stick with kind of a dark comedy. Tone down the threats of death, cuz that's ... just...... well, it's wierd okay!

Someone out there could like this pitch and be willing to poke some fun at Hollywood. Honestly though, I think it will either be a totally love or totally hate kind of thing.
And don't be surprised if at some point some gentlemen with nice suits and dark shades come to your house to ask you a few simple questions.