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Hey! Great Question. I've always thought the concept of Middlebrow was intriguing in itself. Wikipedia is quite good on the Middlebrow thing, which, it seems, derives as a joke from phrenology during a period (1925) when presumably phrenology was something of a joke.

If one reconsiders the brow thing from the point of view of the fears and anxieties of the various people behind the brows, then Middlebrow is all about how to acquire a brow. Since you need a brow, I guess it makes sense that at some point (eg novels) the acquisition of a brow implies the need for a point of view that demonstrates what it is like to have a brow. In this I'd say a good novel is always a bit middlebrow. Fielding for example -- who might be said to have invented the good novel if not the novel -- guides his readers through all sorts of complex stuff and I for one am ever happy in a middlebrow way for such guidance.