I found this website that analyzes your blog for free --- he offers ways to optimize your blog to earn the most from Google Adsense (and other affiliate programs).

Here's his suggestions for one of my blogs (See Jane Soar). I won't take them all 'cause it's way too ad-centric, but it's cool to hear what he has to say. And, he solved a Google search page problem I was having! So, if you offer your blog to be analyzed, don't be afraid to ask other questions :-)


I'm not sure why it he calls his blog "cheatad" -- he's totally against cheating Google Adsense! I didn't investigate that.

To get your blog analyzed, you don't need to do anything but give your blog link.......there's no sign up for a newsletter or anything like that. I can't see any downside at all -- I'm grateful for his suggestions!