I'm not really sure this is where I need to post, but I have a favor to ask...

One of my Profs is a published author and stated from day 1 that all of our papers needed to basically be damn near perfect. I already know the final paper and presentation (a group thing) is going to have me tearing my eyeballs out, because I read right over basic grammatical errors and leave participles dangling all over the place at whim. I can't crit for nit-picky things to save my life. Plus, my group partners have basically summed up their proof-reading skills as "we're not English majors."

So... would anyone want to volunteer to be Simon Cowell for that week and rip apart our final paper? It will probably be a good sized paper. 8-10 pages is my guess. The class is Global Business Issues and our chosen country is India. We're introducing a new product to the Indian market (not really but for the paper we are) and need to analyze pros/cons of going into the market, what difficulties we'll face, etc etc. Not terribly interesting but I can at least promise the writing won't be dry. I can't stand to read dry papers so I don't write them that way.

Volunteers? I would be willing to reader-style critique one (or maybe several) WIPs in return, or help you brainstorm, or whatever else I could help you with (within reason... I'm not flying out to help you clean your house, kk?)

Pretty please?