Why does it seem that every illiterate knuckle dragger in the world wants to lob their two cents at you for conceptual revisions to your novel.

"Oh, you're working on a novel? Whats it about?"

"Its a crime story set in rural Alabama."

"What kind of crime?"


"Like a serial killer?"

"No... just one guy."

"Anyone famous?"

"No actually its a poor black kid that the cops wouldn't investigate so a private detective takes the case."

"You should make it be someone famous, like a governors daughter or something."

"That... That invalidates every single important facet of the story."

"Just saying, it would be cooler. Maybe you should write that story instead. And hey! When you get famous, I want credit!"

How many of you guys have had this very same type of conversation? oh my god! I want to strangle them!