Hello All,

We're gearing up for an eye-opening anthology called Women Reinvented. It will feature inspiring, first-person, TRUE stories of up to 2,400 words by women who have made new lives for themselves.

Have you?

Perhaps you are a corporate executive who found her true calling was motherhood... or vice versa. An art student who became a police officer... A store manager who moved to the jungle to live with and help indigenous people... or any number of other deep personal transformations that women will find inspiring and informative.

Okay, here's what we are NOT looking for: please, please, do NOT submit a story of how you have been reinvented as a writer! We've already accepted a couple of those for this volume.

Please see our website for more information and submission requirements. We pay for stories we choose for publication--and you get international exposure in a critically acclaimed series of anthologies.

Thanks and best regards,

Richard Day Gore
Senior Editor
LaChance Publishing