So I've bit my tongue too long on this. Please keep in mind that I'm at the docs so I won't be able to tell the entire story. But I will be back after work to finish it.

I consider myself an editor now but I used to just beta. I met a man on a fourm similar to this, I'll call him Mike, and he needed a beta for his crime novel. I did so and handed it back to him. A couple weeks later he asked if I would help him query (he's old and horrible when it comes to computers). I did. He came across Solstice Publishing. I had read a book by Melissa Foster and thought it was excellent. We went ahead and queried. Less than a week later he got a contract. I told him to be cautious, so I email a few Solstice authors. One was Lizzy Stevens. She praised the company about sales, marketing, edits, and so on. She said it was the best deal of her life. For those of you who do not know, Lizzy Stevens is owner Melissa Miller's pen name. So she lied and covered up the truth to make Solstice look better than they are. Mike signed the contract.

He worked through his edits and within two or three months, he was finished. He asked if I minded helping to read the galley. When I did, I saw errors gallore. Spelling, formatting, missing never ended. I told Mike that he needed to get in touch with EIC, who was his editor after two previous ones left, and at least ask for a copy edit. He was denied, saying it was too late for all of that. About two weeks past and he checked his email. Via Yahoo Groups, a notice was sent out that his book released. He was never told. Hell, other authors knew before he did.

The cover art was awful. Pasted in characters, smearing and not cut out properly. Was disgusted.

Okay, I got to go in docs, but I will finish this in a bit. It's far from over.