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Thread: Index of existing threads on popular Basic Writing Question topics

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    Index of existing threads on popular Basic Writing Question topics

    I thought it might help some of the newbies to have a post where links to existing threads on the most frequently asked questions were gathered. The links here are to search results for the topics named, and will update, I hope, automatically. This isn't supposed to stop anyone asking these questions, but to give people an idea of some of what has already been said on the topics.

    I've tried to pick topics which include some 'standard' advice, rather than those which rely a lot on personal preferences and individual approaches to writing. If this post is worth keeping up, I can edit it with suggestions, if anyone wants to make them.

    What genre am I writing?



    POV (Point Of View)

    1st person

    2nd person

    3rd person


    Present tense

    Character-driven stories

    Plot-driven stories


    Character sheets

    Chapter length

    A novel's word count

    Writing a synopsis

    Writing a query

    Active voice / passive voice


    Dream sequences

    Showing and telling

    Using swear words in your writing

    How to "tighten" your writing

    Em dashes

    Should there be one or two spaces after a period / full stop?

    Using italics to show thoughts

    Using brand names in your stories

    Novel-writing software
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