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Thread: Torn Veil Books Seeking Christian Romance

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    Torn Veil Books Seeking Christian Romance

    Torn Veil Books is looking to establish itself in the Christian marketplace as one of the premier publishers of Christian Romance.

    We are traditional, royalty-paying publisher seeking to publish Christian romance novels in paperback and eBook format.

    Presently, we are seeking completed manuscripts in the following romantic genres:

    Chick Lit
    Romantic Suspense
    Time Travel

    Manuscript specifications:

    For novel-length manuscripts, your word count should range from 65,000-110,000 words.

    For novella-length manuscripts, your word count should range from 20,000-40,000 words.

    Please format your manuscript as follows:

    - Courier
    - 12 pt.
    - Double-spaced
    - Name and page number on each page
    - 1-inch margins all around

    Though this should go without saying, just in case: we do not want to see stories containing graphic sex scenes, crude language, crude humor or innuendo.

    How to query:

    Send us your best query at tornveilbooks at gmail dot com. Be professional and cite any writing credits you think might be an asset to you. Reading period for queries starts July 18, 2009. However, due to the expected volume of submissions, please allow 1-2 months for a reply.

    A Note About the Christian message:

    While as an evangelical Christian publisher we want to see the Gospel shared and God glorified in our stories, we also are not interested in books that are merely sermons coated in a story. For example, your manuscript must not be story-story-sermon-story-story-sermon-story-story-etc. Though we understand the need to share God’s goodness throughout your tale, please incorporate that into part of the story and not with separate, preachy segments.

    A Note About Apocalyptic Submissions:

    Please note that while we wish to read engaging romantic stories that take place during the Apocalypse, we do not want to receive Left Behind clones but with different characters. Though we do realize there is only one book of Revelation, there are still many ways a story can be told while using the scenarios put forth in that book.

    Royalty Information:

    We pay royalties on all books sold through retail channels.

    They are:

    - 6-8% of cover price on printed books
    - 12-15% of cover price on electronic books

    We do not offer advances at this time.

    Our website is and is in the process of being designed. Please visit our temporary one at in the meantime. Thanks.
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