A lot of Christian fiction I see can't be enjoyed by non-christians. Stoeirs like Left Behind. Sure, they can enjoy it. But will they really pick it up? I don't know any non-christian who reads it. Do you?

And then, because of Left Behind, there are many 'end of the world' books. And sure, some of interesting concepts -- but the writing 9at least for me) isn't good enough.

And then you get into the 'too preachy' types. With stories that are great, but can get too preachy.

Why don't we have more writers like Ted Dekker? Who just writes. He always has a jammed packed message in every book, yet he paints each novel in a way that anyone could enjoy it. Christian or not.

Am I the only one who see's this? Sure we should have stories for us Christians, but if you truly want to help he sick -- you gatta interest the sick, first. Am I right? Or wrong? Or what...