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Thread: Directions London Dominion Theatre to Tavistock Arms Pub

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    Directions London Dominion Theatre to Tavistock Arms Pub

    I have a current WIP that starts at the time of the Beer Flood in London in 1814 where four streets flooded, three don't appear to exist now and I can’t find them on maps even dated 1818.

    The Horse Shoe Brewery was located on the junctionn of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford street, and now the Dominion Theatre occupies part of the site.

    My problem is that a pub called Tavistock Arms Pub was located adjacent to the brewery on Great Russell Street. Great Russell Street flooded and although I think I have pinpointed where the other streets were, and I know where the brewery stands on the maps, I can’t picture or find the spot on a map of the exact spot where the Tavistock Arms was related to the brewery, apart from adjacent, which to me isn't clear.

    Does anyone have any idear in relation to the brewery in these pictures where the Tavistock Arms was? Because the pub had its wall blown out, I am thinking that it would have to be the building on the other side of the alley on the far right in the first picture, and opposite the Meux Logo - (the horse shoe) on the second, which I assume is that side alley on the fist if that makes sense.

    I found a couple of images this one 1830

    This one 1896 the Brewery is to the right

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