Nancy - I had to take a break. I left work early on Friday, hung out with my choir director and talked and then had a few shots. lol Then on Saturday I went to Coney Island with kiddo and some friends. Got back home about 1:30am. I had a stay-home day on Sunday (no church) and slept pretty much until 1pm. Kiddo slept until noon. The wipe-out was good for me. Since then I've been journaling and talking to friends. So far so good. Though still no writing. All the distractions did help though. lol
As for my goals, they were totally shot this month. If I posted twice this month on all of the sites, it was alot. I need to get in gear before my vacation from Aug. 24 through Sept. 7. I'll be offline from the 24 - 31 because I'll be having fun in California with the kiddo. So we'll see what happens between now and vacation.