Hello all. I'm quite new here as you can see from my post count, so I'm sincerely hoping that I'm posting this in the right place. From what I've seen most of the beta requests here are for novel length pieces of work, but honestly I'm not ready to be on the giving or receiving end of such a reading.

Basically I have two short stories that I would like to have beta read by one or two people. One has already been submitted to a handful of publications, but I'm awaiting replies and I'm frankly not sure that it's ready because I've been my only reader outside my immediate family. It is very dark in subject matter but I'm otherwise having difficulty pinning it to a single genre. I could very loosely refer to it as Science Fiction, but that's misleading. To use the movie rating system so that people know what they're getting into, I would say this has an R-rating for violence and profanity.

The other piece is newer and hasn't been submitted to anyone. It is a 3000 word thriller that I would probably rate PG-13 for violent/disturbing imagery.

In return I would very much like to beta read a story or two myself for the benefit of whoever is interested. I'm brand new to the idea of beta reading, but I've written more than a dozen critiques at my previous writing forum