Sassy, who is one of my dogs, is missing. Two of my Pigeons were killed and a third has been seriously injured. Three of my Roosters and several Hens have been killed.

This has happened over the last few days and my husband and I are trying desperately to do everything we can to keep our animals safe but we are failing desperately. Whatever it is keeps managing to get past all of the boarding up we've done, all of the fencing and etc.

I now keep all of my dogs in the house at night because I am afraid for them and the injured Pigeon is in the house under our care but we can't keep the rest of the animals safe and I don't know what to do. I don't even know what we are up against. There are no tracks that we can find, no animal hairs left behind or anything like that! Just the partial remains of the animals that were killed.

I am very upset and to be honest, I can't keep acting like this isn't bothering me because it is bothering me very much. I love all my animals. My husband is angry and we just don't know what to do.

We thought we had a secure environment for our animals and up until now, nothing like this has ever happened. Does anyone have any suggestions of what we should do?