My comedy company (well, I say company - in truth it is the three of us, so more of a crowd really) went to the Fringe Festival to have a good time, spread ourselves about, but most importantly to try to build a reputation as new and fresh and other such sexually magnetic terms.

We wrote a play, 'Hitler on Trial', which recieved some great reviews from other comics. We were excited. 20 years old and doing the Fringe!

Then, we find out that out venue is being run by the Church of Scotland. Thats fine, I love the idea of performing in the church - a beautiful building, a venue fit for the gods.

Someone blows a whistle. Another comic? Who knows. Then the Church request a copy of our script. They demand a re-write. We were not even allowed to use the word 'bum' in the play!

We told them that we couldn't rewrite, and we were coming up and by the gods we would like to perform. They banned us.

We left with no premiere. No spreading. But one hell of a reputation. The first show to be banned by the Church of Scotland at the Fringe!

We'll be back!