I'm looking to find a beta reader (and glad to repay the favor)

My novel is "Misprnit" (and no that's not a misprint.) It's about 85k of the mystery-thriller genre,. A wee bit of profanity, but nothing else that would offend. The short hook is a newspaper editor who reads his own obit in the paper and has to uncover the crime before it happens.

I'm not so much looking for grammer/punctuation feedback as I am pacing, plot and character development. The manuscript has been edited already a few times and is in good shape.

I'm game for beta reading any kind of mystery/thriller genre. Not a big fan of fantasy or scifi, but I do like history, politics, crime, or business topics. Some of my favorite authors are Follett, Connelly, Archer and Clancy if that gives you an idea.

This is my first experience as a beta reader, but I've been a newspaper editor for ten years so I'm guessing I'd be a decent editor.

I'm looking for a real, honest critique and would provide the same.