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Kinda everything. The Radiance. All the Godmaster stuff. And Grimm. To say nothing about the Path of Pain, I have enough pain in my own life I don't need to bounce over buzzsaws a billions times to discover a hidden cutscene. I think the devs got too caught up in trying to create a hardcore endgame and it ended up feeling constricting and frustrating. But make no mistakes, HK was a brilliant, brilliant game.

BTW: Every watch the Mossbag Youtube channel? He's got some good insights into the lore, and is funny and engaging enough I wish he'd branch out into other content.
Haha, I actually figured out a build which let me face-tank Grimm (the first fight, at least) so that wasn't too bad. I haven't fought the Radiance yet, but it does seem tricky she does double damage, especially as my reaction speed isn't the best (and you have to re-fight the Hollow Knight each time you lose...). I'm avoiding certain parts of the game, like Path of Pain and Godmaster, because they're not my thing either - the White Palace was a good challenge, but I don't need more than that (PoP would make me too frustrated) and I don't enjoy boss rushes. I'm considering the coliseum because I really want to get all the items, but I'm also terrible at the mob fights, so I imagine I'd die a lot.

I have watched his channel and I enjoy the lore insights a lot I think he'll do Silksong, but I'm not sure about other games. Actually, another good game for lore was Owlboy, which is a lot shorter than Hollow Knight (only about 12-15 hours) but has a really well-defined world.