I've used that four-lettered beasty before. Heck I still use it. In fiction.

But, aside from the idea of "showing character," is the word @#$% (can I say it? Okay I'm going to say it. Watch out--) fuck a sign of weakness in writing? Is it ever REALLY needed?

Even for character? Aren't there other clever ways to show character?

I notice myself using it to cover up my own insecurities in weak sentences. I wrote this the other day in CH 3 of my WIP:

The world was my fucking gazelle.
take out the curse and, I came to realize, not only is the SENTENCE lame, but the paragraph leading there is also pretty much a dead-end, cheesy idea.

I'll forgo talking about how I seem to have lost access to my subconscious in this story, rendering it lame (that's something I'll have to work out alone).

But I think I'm going to have to use that search and destroy, er, replace function for this bad mother (shut yo mouth).