Hi again!

Now for a separate question -- about eskrima with batons. I've been watching vids on youtube, etc, to see how it looks, sounds, and is taught. I'm not a martial artist however, so I'd like to know this:

What is your state of mind as an FMA artist? Would it be similar to other forms of the martial arts? Is it like emptying your mind, finding a rhythm, letting go of control in order to gain it -- things like that?

What are you thinking as you fight or spar? Or are you NOT thinking, but reacting? Do you think in terms of "patterns" like abc or counting when you're doing it?

Putting this into words is really a challenge so far; but I've written one chapter where my MC (female and part-Filipino) spars with her sifu, the Grand Master, brushing up her eskrima skills. Later on, she will kick butt when attacked on the street and in the climactic scene.

Plz only reply if you actually know this type of martial arts practice first-hand or very well. And thanks so much again!