...people freaking trying to take advantage of others.

Okay so here's the story. Two months ago I was involved with a networking seminar at the local community college. I was writing for the examiner at the time and I covered the event. So I got there and people are shoving their cards at me left and right...of course this is expected...but this one guy, he starts the entire dialog with me about how he thinks he can help me.

He knows I'm looking for work. So in the last couple months he touches base with me and talks to me about things like,

a. would I be interested in ghost writing for his company? To which I said yes but he must have forgotten I quoted it for him.
b. would I be interested in making commission on web development referrals and what not. To which I said sure but I didn't know anyone.

Then recently he asks me if I can do an article on his new web designing company for the examiner. I reminded him I had resigned my two columns there.

He writes back to me to say, "Oh, I didn't know it was official. But can't you still post there just for "fun." I mean you'd really be helping yourself because I'd pay you for any jobs we get from the referring site."

I tell him, no...I can't.

Now we already had lengthy phone conversation prior to this in which he tells me he wanted to offer blog writing services to his website customers as part of a monthly fee and would I be interested? (and at that time I quoted it for him)

So now he starts wanting to talk to me about pricing, again. So I ask him ...pricing for what? He says for pro-articles. I wrote him back to ask what he means specifically pro-articles, who would be writing them, are they for existing or new clients? (I kept thinking why is he asking this when we've already talked about this?) But now, after I was really specific and not giving him easy information, poof, he disappears.

MAN! I'm pissed off. Yes, Susie, dear...cover your eyes. Cassi said suck and pissed in the same week.