Thanks to aid on this board and others, I think my NF proposal & cover letter rock. I think I'm going to get back more than one agent interested in representing me.

I just remembered that a few years ago, before I knew what I was doing, I sent out a book proposal to 10 publishers and 4 of them were interested. That's without an agent. Market research turned up way too many similar titles, however, and I abandoned it. I had nothing new for the market.

So the question becomes "which agent do I choose?"

Obviously I want to look at an agent that can potentially reprepsent the fantasy I'm writing, too. Having the same one for F & NF would be ideal.

Am I the only one that prioritizes by rates? 15% seems to be standard, but foreign rights seem to be either 10% or 20%. Few in between.

No charging postage & phone calls seems to be another one. I'm spending $150 on supplies & postage this week, and I don't want to repeat that any more than is necessary.

On to other priorities:
Years in business. Duh.
Number of clients: do I want a large, busy house with more clients, on the asumption that they have better resources & relationships with the publishers? Or a small house, hoping for a closer working relationship with me?
That sale-to-client ratio I mentioned in another post still looks like a good way to compare.
I hear that location doesn't matter as much as it used to. All other things being equal, however, I think I'd still prefer NY to Dallas.

What's the ideal agent like?