MacAllister wrote: " Guys, you'll notice I've made some edits to the posts in this thread. [another recent thread that I, jonpiper, am afraid to mention] That's because the webmaster those posts linked back to has apparently been sending me hissy-fit DMCA-takedown threat emails all day while I was, well, inexcusably WORKING instead of waiting by my email.

"No matter what, no matter HOW tempted you are, please don't ever link to that site again. Don't quote that site here, don't refer to that site. I don't need the f***ing amateur-hour headaches from their webmaster."

MacAllister, I'm sorry for causing you greif over something the webmaster should know would have brought much good traffic to his/her website.

I may have posted too much material from the site. I would have gladly edited out the excess had the webmaster of that site posted a request on the thread in question.

I will never again post material from that site. In fact, I promise never to visit that site again. Nor recommend it to anyone. It doesn't exist.