The first novel I finished was epic fantasy..that was a few years ago. This year I've written a couple of apocalyptic thrillers and have decided that this (thrillers) is the genre I like best. I have some fulls and partials out on the first and am just starting to query the second. I've pretty much given up on the fantasy...I'm just not into it anymore.

My question is this...I have a very good idea for a historical ficiton, and I have the platform to sell it. I want to write it. However, if I do write it, this will be the one and only historical I ever do.

So the quesiton is...should I write it? What if I publish it, and the agent wants more, and I say "sorry pal, I want to do thrillers". And if I publish one of the thrillers, is anyone going to want a historical from me?

The best time to decide not to work on it is right now, when very little time would have been wasted. Then again, it's a pretty good idea, and this may the book that gets me published (but then maybe also the book that turns me into a one hit wonder and kills my career).

Any thoughts?