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Thread: ATM for Books? Yes indeed. It's coming

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    ATM for Books? Yes indeed. It's coming

    Lightning Source, an Ingram Content company announced on April 16th, 2009 that the new EBM (Espresso Book Machine) will be tested through a pilot program by a small group of publishers. Approximately 85,000 titles will be available in the U.S. in May of this year.

    The EBM was named Best Invention in the Year in 2007 by Time Magazine. The machine was the brain child of Print on Demand and will be placed primarily in book stores and libraries. It literally prints, binds and trims paperback books. Silly people forgot grocery stores!

    After the successful pilot program, Lightning Source publishers will have the opportunity to participate in the EBM channel. No cost was mentioned.

    Talk about print-on-demand. I am blown away here. There was a link to read more if you're interested.

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