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Thread: Amazon removing "adult" material from sales ranking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Fury View Post
    Um--please give me a break. You said "I don't shop at Walm*rt, and haven't for years." I wasn't claiming you wanted to remove the store from existence.
    Want to try that again? That's exactly what you said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Fury View Post
    Mine too...but Target's online bookstore is run by Amazon, so guess you have to get rid of that. And according to Mac, Wal-Mart should be gone too.
    Look - this is very simple:

    --I had a crappy experience this weekend with a retailer.

    --That retailer made sort of vague and evasive explanations for that crappy experience, and ended up blaming some anonymous schmuck overseas for that crappy experience.

    --I won't be returning to that retailer with my wallet in hand, any time soon.

    --I won't be recommending that retailer to my friends, family, and acquaintances, anymore.

    I'm not planning to picket them. I did not participate in the google-bombing, either. If someone asks me, though, "hey, what about that retailer" I'm perfectly within my rights to say, "well, do what you want -- but I had a crappy experience there, and I'll be walking down the street to my local bookstore and ordering it there, instead."
    Last edited by MacAllister; 04-14-2009 at 11:06 AM. Reason: Gonna chalk this up to a misreading

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