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Thread: Literature Nobel for Steph Mayer

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    Penúltimo maxmordon's Avatar
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    Literature Nobel for Steph Mayer

    I think we all have the same question, when??

    Her book has done much more for life, peple, humanity and all the other things that any of the other winners that have won since Twilight was published has done. Think about it, people! I mean, like, whatever, you have like J.M. Goatse, whose book is like, unknown and wherever I search it I find this awful pictore or he. And this old coot, Dores Lezzing and she's all old and ugly and had sex alot, which is totally cool but since she was born when Hitler it's like toally gross and Jean-Marie Le Crisco and at this point I think those Krauts thier pick the Novel are like all and senile, so they make up writers thinking one is other, so totally like Jenny's grandma which is totally crazy, I mean, like whatever.

    So, bunch of Sueden Smartypants, take some pills, stop invenitng peopel and give her award now, I will totally cut my writs, I swear it by Edward.
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